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About US Aspire IIT & MEDICAL

Aspire IIT& Medical is an initiative taken by an IIT qualified graduate with an aim to change the way science education is delivered in the country. We believe that Science cannot be taught in the classrooms without actually relating it to the real life examples. We have introduced Activity Based Learning and Technology to the traditional classroom learning. We also try to demonstrate the laws of science through real life examples and activities. Once the student understands the underlying phenomenon and is able to relate the theory to real life examples, he is better prepared to do the calculations that follow. The work has been done. Directional and focused effort, is the key to a top ranking performance in all competitive exams.


Er. Yogendra Kumar Meena (MD)

You have entered the most crucial part of your life. The next few years will be pivotal in shaping your future. Every parent loves his child and wishes to provide the best quality education to enable him reach his full potential. We at ASPIRE IIT & MEDICAL believe in providing uncompromised quality of education to the students and helping them realize their dreams. In an ever-increasing competitive atmosphere, sound understanding of fundamentals in Science /Mathematics plays a pivotal role when a student steps out into the professional world outside. All competitive, aptitude and professional exams ranging from NTSE through IIT JEE, NEET, AIIMS, AFMC, CAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT etc have a significant component focusing on fundamentals. Hence, it is imperative to focus on building strong foundation at an early age. ASPIRE IIT & MEDICAL Programs have been designed to lay a strong foundation of basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. The rational approach in dealing with the problem is an asset which will be useful in all spheres of life. We believe that an early start provides strong competitive edge to the students.The program will focus on encouraging students to look beyond textbooks for learning and apply the concepts learnt to real-life situations. In this enjoyable journey of learning, Our Programs will also groom you for the challenging examinations coming along this path. Most of these examinations, which a student faces during these years, are based on thorough understanding of the subject, which if prepared in a systematic and a scientific manner, can be dealt with ease.

Why Choose US

Research Based Comprehensive Study Materials.

Our core strength lies in three parts:

  1. Our Faculty
  2.  Our Study Material
  3.  Our Testing system.

Innovative programs and Concepts.

Innovations is the essence of Aspire . The Director of Aspire is known for Innovations in Academic Excellence. He Has won several awards with his past company as well as from various educational bodies for contribution in education, leadership in Education and Best Guru awards. 

Personalised Coaching.

Individual attention is given to each and every student irrespective of one’s standing in the merit at any point of time. We have limited strength in our batches. At Aspire our counsellors will be ready to help you out from the stress of time table management at home, school and coaching management etc.

System-based Organization

Leadership: Experienced, Competent, Qualified (IITian) & Academician Core Team: Group of Academicians (Mostly IITians) & able Administrators Defined Processes and Structured Roles & Responsibilities Planned Academic Management & Curriculum Execution Student-centric & Performance-oriented Approach

Teaching Methodology